What is Daily DSA?


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Daily DSA is my blog where I will be posting daily updates on my software engineering interview preparation journey. DSA is an abbreviation for data structures and algorithms. Although I am an experienced software engineer, technical interviews are a skill I have yet to master. The goal of this blog is to help keep me accountable for improving my technical interview skills.

What's the plan?

To reliably crack technical software engineer interviews, there are various skill sets I must acquire and improve. The plan I have set is as follows.

  1. Learn Python. I have experience working with Python, but don't know the ins and outs of the language. Considering that Python is less verbose than other languages I am comfortable with, using Python would likely save me valuable time in my technical interviews. https://github.com/peterlamar/python-cp-cheatsheet and https://leetcode.com/discuss/study-guide/2122306/Python-Cheat-Sheet-for-Leetcode are useful resources.

  2. Learn Data Structures in Python. Since I'll be using Python for my technical interviews and data structures are essential to technical interviews, I will be taking time to learn how to use data structures in Python.

  3. Go through Grokking the Coding Interview in Python. This will help me learn and recognize interview patterns. https://www.designgurus.io/course/grokking-the-coding-interview

  4. Go through the Neetcode 150. Again, this will help me understand patterns to help me solve these types of problems. As I do my preparation, I may do both Grokking and Neetcode questions at the same time when I am focused on the same type of problems/patterns. https://neetcode.io/

  5. Go through Grokking the System Design Interview and various system design YouTube videos. This will help me gain a deeper understanding of system design and the overall architecture of building scalable applications. https://www.designgurus.io/course/grokking-the-system-design-interview

Another resource that can be used to better understand the coding interview strategy is Cracking the Coding Interview. Throughout my preparation, I will blog every day reflecting on what I've learned and summarizing my progress. Join me on this journey as we get started! ๐Ÿ˜Ž